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Workforce Development Consulting

Resource and Skills Strategy #

We can share our expertise, advising on resource strategy options, and which one might be best suited to your organisation.

Project Resource Profile Analysis #

We are able to offer an independent view on any currently planned resource profile across the full project life-cycle:

Is it cost effective? Is your budget spread optimally between internal and external resources? Does the resource profile evolve throughout the project to reduce the reliance on third party resources? Are you making the most of your existing in-house capabilities? Are your project handover assumptions realistic?

Developing In-house Capability #

We can assist you plan and drive the realisation of your chosen resource strategy by advising you how to build and organise your in-house skills by means of training as well as recruitment.

What have you already got?

Recruiting talented professionals is not necessarily the only way for your organisation to grow, and not one you can always afford.

Most organisations have technical and functional skill-gaps, but looking to the external market might not be the only solution. With careful and thorough analysis of your existing resources, current project pressures and future workforce needs, it is possible to develop an effective picture of your current organisation with the skills and experience your team already possess.

This is a crucial first-step in developing your own people, improving performance and nurturing the leadership talent you already have.

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