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We can provide you with the right search and selection services to secure the most talented individuals to match the technical requirements along with the values and beliefs of your business.

Contingent Search #

We work with clients to identify the best possible talent in the market utilising the skills of our search team, referrals from our extensive international market and well-placed targeted advertising.

However, if the need to hire is urgent and critical to your operation, we can discuss a retained approach to ensure focused resources are immediately allocated to the search.

Retained Search #

We are highly skilled at delivering retained searches, where a recruitment project is designed and executed to very specific requirements. This is particularly suited to very specialised, hard to fill or critical roles where a significant amount of time is required to identify and successfully approach the right candidates.

Candidate Driven Search #

In this highly competitive market place, we utilise our extensive global network of contacts to help candidates understand which opportunities offer them the best career move. We reach out to our partners and make these introductions with complete discretion, confidentiality and professionalism.

Contract Placements #

We demand the same professionalism and quality from our contractors as we do from our own staff. We actively manage every assignment enabling you to utilise the skills of our contract partners to grow your own capabilities, or simply provide an effective short-term resource.

The Importance of Search

‘Search’ is a means of finding people through proactive direct contact. It is not just about rifling an address book or database to call people you already know, it is about hunting for good people you do not know and having an open, and informed, mind about where these people might be.

The trouble with trawling a database or relying purely on an advertisement is that the right individuals are, almost by definition, likely to be well motivated and high achieving figures in their current roles who are too busy to engage in searching for a new position for themselves.

The ZeteoPeople methodology is designed to identify, approach and attract those people.

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